Instagram is a mobile application that allows users to instantly download and/or upload photos and edit them quickly using a single set of filters and a brand name change (3-D effect) that distinguishes the others. This is because of the faster popularity than any other mobile app and this is probably why people who stand next to you at Starbucks take a picture of dessert for no obvious reason. Instagram is addictive and has an entire nation of iPhone and Android users connected. And where the audience goes, your business must follow.


If you are the owner of your business and/or brand and the social network manager, you must know 6 reasons why Instagram is perfect for your business:

1. Instagram is immediate

You can only wait to return home or your office to take full advantage of Instagram to build the brand. On your iPhone or Android, click on the image, edit, download, add a comment (note hashtag of the keyword) and share your brand profile in a few seconds.

2. No double account required

Unlike Facebook and Google+, where you need to set up a long personal profile before creating a label page, you go directly as a trademark of Instagram without consequences. This is a simple installation process.

3. Everyone has an indoor photographer

Many business owners have a loss when it comes to using social networks to expand their customer base mainly because they have no words or know how to refine their creative juices to promote content. But everyone likes to take pictures and be honest – almost everyone has the feeling that we have the power behind the camera.

4. This makes your brand interesting

This is the best thing about using Instagram to show your product/service. Instagram filters allow office supplies, waste management, and even Internet marketing specialists. Use Instagram to present your product/service and even corporate culture by getting instant instant instant. Instagram’s album offers the personality of the brand so that no other sharing network has been able to reach so far.

5. Create a page for your business

Google Places and News Google ++ Business Pages have shown the importance of having a physical location tied to the online presence of your brand. The integration of INSTAGRAM with Foursquare’s location database allows you to geotag the removed photo location (ie your desktop) that allows it to be added to the site at Instagram.

6. It is easier to get followers

Because you can not publish Instagram links, the public does not know that they are bombarded with SPAM when they track your brand account. If you often offer interesting photos containing your product, Instagram customers are more likely to follow you than any other social network. It will be easier to develop brand recognition on a larger fan base. Since Instagram can easily link your accounts to Facebook and Twitter, social networks also increase for you.


While it does not allow you to connect to many internet marketers too obsessed, Instagram is the easiest and most fun networking tool possible and can be a good building tool, a personal brand and your trademark with your online customers.

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